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What is selection?

Selection is most important tool to photo edit in Photoshop. It needs to select or elect a specific part of image or Photoshop file for moving, coloring, editing, cutting and copying.

How to select?

We can use many tools for selection i.e. the Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool, Lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Magic wand tool and Crop tool.

Now, we use the Rectangular marquee tool for selection.
-At first select Rectangular Marquee Tool or press M (key board shortcut key).

-Drag mouse pointer in the desired image area.

How to copy and paste in specific image areas?

-At first select desired image area by using any selection tool.
-Click edit menu

-Click copy
-Or press Ctrl + C for copy
-Click edit menu
-Click paste

-Or press Ctrl + V for paste
-Then select Move Tool or press V for moving pasting image
-Drag Pasting image left to right or right to left by using mouse or key board arrow key.

Change Image Size:
We need image in different size for printing. Image Size is very important factor for photo editing.
Suppose, we will set a picture size which width to 400 and height to 300.

To change picture size:-
-At first click Image menu.
-Then click Image Size.

-You will see a dialog box as below.
-Change the Resolution to 1-30000.
-Change the width to 400 and height to 300.

-Then click OK.

It is good to set small amount of resolution i.e. 72-300. Because, big amount of resolution will be taken huge space of Hard Disk. But big amount of resolution will need to create high definition picture/object.

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