How to use scanner in Adobe Photoshop?

Scanning is essential part of the Adobe Photoshop. You must be use Adobe Photoshop for scanning image or any documents by scanner. But we don’t know how to scan image.

How to scanning?
-At first connects the Scanner with the computer.
-Then we have to do install scanner’s driver in the computer.

-Restart the computer.
-Now open the Adobe Photoshop software.
-Click the “File” menu.
-Select “Import” option.
-Click on the “USB Scanner” or “Scanner” option.

-A new window will be appeared.

-Select value from “dpi” option (standard value 100-300).
  If you select maximum value of “dpi”, your image size will be increased.
  But image quality/pixel will be increased.
-Select “Color Photo” option.
 If you want to scan black and white image select “Black and white” option instead of “Color Photo” option.

-Now click on the “Scan” button.

-Close the “USB Scanner” window.

-Scanning function is completed.

How to resize the Scanned image?
-Click the “Crop” tool from toolbox.

-Drag up to down.

-We will look 8 rectangle pointers on the image.
-Stay mouse pointer/curser below any rectangle pointer.
-Look mouse pointer/curser icon showed as bend arrow.
-In this moment, drug and try to rotate this selection as rotate image.

-Then resize this selection as image by drug this rectangle pointer.

-At last, press Enter or click on the “Commit Current Crop Operation” button from above toolbar.

-Now you can save this image.
-Click on the “File” menu for save.
-Click to “Save”.

-Select “JPEG” from Format option.
-Click to “Save”.

-Change Quality to 12 then click to OK.

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