What is clipping path?

Clipping path is an object which object can use in other graphics related software without background. Normally, when we make any path or object for use in another graphics related software but we see this path have background. Example, when we scan a signature then makes a path to use it to any designing software. But we can’t adjust this signature for her background. So this problem can solve Clipping Path.

How to make Clipping Path?
At first create a new file in Adobe Photoshop any version.

Press Shift + Ctrl + N for make a new layer.

Click to OK.
Select Custom Shape Tool.

Click to “Custom Shape Picker” option.
Select any design i.e. “Hedara 2” or any one.

Now drag it to art board.

Click to “Window” menu then click to “Paths”.

Click to “Select” menu then click to “Load Selection”.

Click to OK.

Click to option icon of Paths pallet.

Click to “Make Word Path…” option.

Click to OK.

Click to “Save Path…” option from Paths pallet.

Click to OK.

Again click to Paths pallet option and select “Clipping Path…” option.

Change value of “Flatness device pixels” to 0.5 pixels.
Click to OK.

Click to “Load path as a selection” option.

Click to “File menu” then click to “Save as…” option.

Select “Photoshop EPS” from Format option.
Then click to “Save”.

Click to OK.

Clipping Path making is complete.
Now, we can use this path to any graphics related software i.e. Adobe graphics software collection.

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